The mission of Endeavor Education is to provide inclusive solutions that help children achieve their full academic potential and become productive members of society. We are committed to providing the highest quality education and training for educators and parents, developing effective systems for organizations, schools and agencies, and creating groundbreaking technologies to support the integration of diverse learners in the classroom. We specialize in ADHD Testing and Assessment, IQ and Achievement Testing, Special Education Consulting and Advocacy, Educational Recommendations, and we can provide services to work directly with your child's teachers and school.

ADHD Testing - As a part of determining the unique individual learning needs of your child, Endeavor can conduct a comprehensive ADHD Test. The ADHD Test can be useful in determining if attention issues are the cause of learning difficulties, which is the first step in educational planning when learning issues are prevalent. Endeavor can assess ADHD by the use of a computer program, teacher and parent surveys, teacher and administrator interviews and self-reporting techniques. A comprehensive ADHD report may be sufficient in determining the learning needs of your child, or it can be used in conjunction with IQ and Achievement Testing. The ADHD report can be used by you and your primary care physician for an ADHD diagnosis and for educational decision making. Additionally, periodic ADHD testing administered by Endeavor will provide information about how medication used to treat ADHD is affecting your child's attention at school, and to help you and your child's physician make important future decisions concerning your child's medication and dosages.  

IQ and Achievement Testing - Endeavor can administer a complete and comprehensive battery of IQ and Achievement Testing to determine the specific educational strengths and weaknesses of your child. Unlike the psychologists in North Texas that administer IQ and Achievement Tests, Endeavor uses the research based Cattel-Horn-Carrol (CHC) Cross-Battery Approach in assessment. Using Cross-Battery gives more accurate data then the traditional methods of IQ and Achievement Testing that you will receive if you have a psychologist or therapist complete the testing. We can determine specific academic areas of concern, and give recommendations specifically designed for your child. Additionally, the IQ and Achievement reports Endeavor produces far exceed the reports you will receive from a psychologist. The reports will be ready to give to your child's school and will not require the school to do additional testing before making educational decisions. 

Endeavor supports family advocacy and parental success through services developed specifically for parents, caregivers, and children. These services include education for parents, advocacy support for children with special needs, educational consulting, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Annual, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) meeting preparation and support, and diagnostic services for students.

Endeavor works to help schools eliminate the barriers that interfere with student learning. We are experienced in working with school teachers and administrators to develop the most comprehensive and individualized education plans. We support the inclusion of all learners by developing technologies for students and teachers, providing professional development opportunities for teachers, and performing diagnostic services and recommendations.

Endeavor collaborates with organizations and government agencies to create effective systems and tools to promote whole-child development. We advocate for the programs and policies that support inclusion and opportunities for all students.

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